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Practice Areas

Intellectual Property Litigation

We offer representation in all stages of IP litigation, from pre-suit investigation to appeal. We have extensive experience in patent, copyright, and trade secret litigation and has experience litigating IP cases in icourts throughout the nation.


We offer representation in any dispute requiring a thorough understanding of technology. Our experience includes allegations of unfair competition related to software APIs, defamation claims related to false allegations of cybersecurity vulnerabilities, and contract disputes related to joint development agreements.

Complex Commercial Litigation

We offer representation for complex commercial litigation. Our experience includes partnership disputes, breach-of-contract actions, and lawsuits alleging commercial fraud and misrepresentation.

Trade Secrets

We offer trade secret counseling services that include advice regarding trade secret protection programs and clean-room development protocols, and counseling for startups looking to avoid allegations of misappropriation.

Data Security

We can help you assess your cybersecurity risk, prepare data security policies that protect your data and minimize your risk, draft incident response plans, and/or conduct post-breach investigations.


We can advise you on the maze of state and federal laws and regulations regarding the collection, use and disclosure of personal data; help you comply with the California Consumer Privacy Act and other data protection statutes; and help you design business processes that minimize both your cybersecurity risk and your costs of compliance.


Christian possesses a unique ability to grasp complex scientific concepts, leverage multifaceted legal approaches, and do so in an efficient and cost-conscious manner.

Ken Kozak, CTO Meridian Bioscience (retired)

“Christian figures out the important arguments in complex technology cases and goes deeper than anyone else in peeling back the layers of the onion.”

Eric Acker, AmLaw 100 trial lawyer

“Christian has the full package: knowledge, tenacity and judgment. He is also highly efficient in producing winning results.”

David Doyle, Retired AmLaw 100 trial lawyer

“Christian is unflappable in court and his deposition style is disarming and methodical. He asks the right questions, boxes people in, and gets the admissions he needs.”

Eric Acker, AmLaw 100 trial lawyer

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